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'Tuckerizing' your Quilt Pattern - Using Deb Tucker Rulers to create common quilt units and blocks

Updated: May 16, 2023

Deb Tucker Rulers sold at the Quilter's Studio of Loveland

If you've been to our quilt shop, you may already know we are BIG Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design fans! We have an entire wall dedicated to her various rulers and technique sheets. Our owner implements her rulers into many of her classes including Beginning quilting and has even taught Deb Tucker University classes. We are addicted!

These rulers can be used to accurately create so many different quilting units using her 'trim to perfect' technique. If you're new to her rulers, below is information on which rulers create different common quilting units and blocks.

Common quilting units and their corresponding Deb Tucker Rulers

Flying geese units - Wing Clipper I Ruler

Square in square / Diamond Square Units - Square Squared Ruler

Half square triangles -Tucker Trimmer I Ruler

Quarter Square Triangle Squares/ Hourglass Units - Tucker Trimmer I Ruler

Pieced Rectangle Units - Split Rects Ruler

Half rectangle - Split Rects Ruler

Four Patch Units - Four Patch Square Up Ruler

Diamond Rectangle Units (for Storm at Sea Quilts) - Diamond Rects Ruler

Peaky and Spike Units - V Block Ruler

Lemoyne Star Blocks - Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler

An additional tool we love - Quilter's Magic Wand

This is a tool is a 1/2" wide ruler with an etched line down the middle that helps to accurately draw a diagonal seam when using her Tucker Trimmer and Wing Clipper rulers. We typically have a number of them in stock in our precuts section.

You can find a wide variety of high quality tutorial videos available on Deb Tucker's Youtube channel here -

She also provides a large number of free downloads with step by step instructions on how to use her rulers and free patterns that use her rulers -

In addition to Deb's Rulers we also sell many of her Technique Sheets. These are laminated pages that detail different techniques and indicate the specific Deb Tucker ruler that is used for the technique. These sheets act as great reminders of how you can use her rulers in many different ways!

Not sure where to start? Our quilt store employees are all talented and experienced quilters that are always happy to answer questions and help with quilt patterns.

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