COVID-19 Policies

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented policies detailed below to make your shopping experience safe.

We offer in-store shopping with the following guidelines:

  1. All customers & employees will be required to wear a mask while in the shop.

  2. All customers & employees will be required to maintain proper social distancing (6 feet apart).

  3. There will be a limit of people permitted in stores at any given time. The limit is currently 50% of Fire Code capacity. Please check with an employee as you enter the door of the shop to be cleared to enter.

  4. On the Workshop side, there is a limit of 4 people in the Workshop at any given time including employees. We have limited the number of renters to 2 at a time so we can properly space out customers who are using the long arm machines.

  5. We will have supplies of Hand Sanitizer as well as surface cleaning supplies on hand. All high traffic surfaces (Cutting Tables, Check out counters, registers, etc.) will cleaned frequently by our staff.

  6. Customers & Employees that have been sick over the last 30 days or who have been in contact with a person that has been sick over the last 30 days are not permitted to be in the store at this time.

Please Note: Social Distancing applies to the Man Cave as well as the store.

We are beginning to restart our class offerings in 2021. When registering for a class please know you are agreeing to wear a mask while attending the class. In addition to masks, we will also space out our workspaces within the classroom.

Please call us to discuss curbside pickup options.

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