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2023 Treasure Hunt Sale - January 2nd through 7th

Long-time customers may remember it from years past, but this sale is a way for us to make room for new product in the new year!

Throughout the store every bolt has been "fold counted" to approximate the number of yards remaining on the bolt. Each bolt has been marked with its remaining yardage in Black Sharpie.

As you "hunt" through the store, if you identify a bolt marked with 5 yards or less remaining, you may purchase the remaining yards at 35% off. They will be measured to determine the actual remaining yardage.

Please Note: No cuts are permitted and you must purchase all of the remaining yard on the bolt to receive the discount. The sale specifically excludes backing fabric and fabrics already marked down.

No Fat Quarters Cut During Sale

Bolt Count Contest...

During the scavenger hunt sale we will be accepting guesses for how many total bolts we have at the Quilter's Studio. The person who gets the closest to our total amount wins a Four Seasons Quilt Kit (pictured).

One Entry per person

Additional Sale Items - 50% off all fabric and notions in our Classroom! See pictures below for sale items.

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